Descriptions of the Main Business

The company establishes and supports such platforms as Business Management Platform, Human resources and Administration Platform, Finance Management Platform and Quality Management Platform in order to ensure the fulfillment of the managing objectives.

Project Sales Division
 Sales of Projects for Industry Customers

Products Sales Division
Before and After-Sale Service for the Company’s Soul Customers
Normal Automation Products Sales and After-Sale Service
Engineering Technology Division

Contents of Engineering
Overall Map of Projects
Controlling and Managing of the Project Process
On-site Installation and Commissioning
Project Acceptance and Post-service
Managing Documentation of Engineering Technology

Contents of Technology
Technology Support of the Sale Products
Early Stage Technology Support for Projects
(Technical Exchange and Making Technical Biding Document)
 Project Requirements Analysis and Designing, Making and Managing Hardware
 Hardware of Projects Debugging and Testing
 Technology Support for Implementing Projects
 Designing, Developing, Testing and Issuing Application Software for Projects

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